The Franka Production 3 Bundle


Franka Production 3

Franka Production 3's robot system includes the Arm and its Control. The force sensitive and agile Arm features 7 DOF with torque sensors at each joint, industrial-grade pose repeatability of +/- 0.1mm and negligible path deviation even at high velocities. It comes with a payload of 3 kg, a reach of 855 mm and a workspace coverage of 94.5 %.


Basic Apps

Automation of processes made easy. The Basic Apps lower your barrier to entry to process automation, getting you started quickly and independently. Break down the task into steps, setup motions, exchange signals and handle errors. The bundle is inclusive of everything you need for picking and placing, handling and much more.


Franka Hand

The Hand is Franka Robotics' 2-finger gripper with exchangeable fingertips, fully integrated with the software of Franka Production 3, therefore plug-and-use. The fingertips can easily be changed and adapted to the objects to be grasped, e.g. by using 3D-printed fingertips.

Franka Production 3 Bundle

Franka Production 3 + Basic Apps + Hand


Our Ecosystem

End effectors, peripherals, accessories and much more.




Our Partner Services

A global network of distributors, consultants and solution providers.

Process check


Evaluate whether your application can be fully or partially automated. We can visit you on the field, or simply post us your assembly parts.

ROI calculation


Have your project checked on cost efficiency, and let us optimize cycle times and process stability.



We turn you and your employees into robot experts. They will learn everything they need to handle the robot safely and effectively.

Technical consultation


We support you with the conceptual design of your automation process, enabling you to move to the implementation steps on a solid base.



We help you set up and integrate the robot system, so that you can start quickly and easily to automate your processes.

Designed for a wide range of applications.


Franka Production 3 can be used effectively for large-scale production as well as for small-scale automation down to batch size 1. Such versatility requires both process stability and flexibility, from setting up new workcells to adapting existing tasks. And torque sensors in all joints of the robot arm allow for sensitive manipulation and force-enabled manufacturing processes, which require precision as well as application of fine-tuned forces and delicate handling.

Machine Tending


Machine loading

'At Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, the robot setup and programming process was completely implemented in only 3 hours.'

Press loading

The complete automation of the feeding and unloading process of a press brake.

CNC machining

The Vision ToolRoom – a mobile platform inclusive of Franka Emika robot – is the ideal collaborative colleague in CNC machining.

Quality inspection

PCB Testing

Process data such as successful execution and applied forces can be measured and logged: the added value for quality control.



Endurance test of battery compartment

Operating the touch screen to unlock the battery, pushing it out and in, a test repeated again and again.

Touchscreen Testing

End-of-line testing of fragile elements like touchscreens becomes possible thanks to the robot's sensitive manipulation.




An assembly station enables precise screwing of the dowel with simultaneous torque control.

Electronics Assembly

A machine is loaded with different components – without any protective fence.



RAM insertion

Thanks to force sensitiveness, the board is inserted via a wiggling movement, and applied forces are recorded.




N.I.S.T. Board

A board developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for benchmarking robot performance during fastening nuts, connecting connectors, meshing gears and inserting pins.



Placement of final product components into their packaging, making use of force sensitivity and fine-tuned force application for successful, robust fitting.




Thanks to force sensitivity to contacts, no need of pre-determined precise positioning as the robot can move objects to target positions based on force feedback.


Beyond industry: disruptive applications and business cases

Corona Swab Testing

SR-NOCS automates the swab testing process with precision comparable to medical personnel, and allows for reduced infection risk and higher efficiency.

Robot Bar

Say hello to the Smyze Robotic Bar, which is already operating successfully at several locations in Switzerland and continues to expand worldwide.

Workshop 4.0 Fashion week

Behind the scenes of the first digital fashion show, find out how Franka Robotics robots played a key role on stage. Tune in to the show @Philipp Plein.

Raclette Robot

When tradition meets innovation: Idiap Research Institute and Eddy Baillifard have taught this robot to serve raclette.




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