A high-performance tool set, for the whole spectrum
of robotics research.

Isaac SIM for Robotics Manipulation – A Preview by Dieter Fox, NVIDIA Robotics Research

The AI & Robotics tool set

Unleash the power of AI, with low-level access to robot´s
control and learning capabilities. Set up experiments quickly,
with easy-to-use robot features.

Robot System

Franka Emika Robot System includes the Arm and its Control. The sensitive and agile Arm features 7 DOF with torque sensors at each joint, allowing adjustable stiffness/compliance and advanced torque control. It comes with a payload of 3 kg, a reach of 855 mm and a workspace coverage of 94.5 %.

End effector

Hand is Franka Emika´s 2-finger gripper with exchangeable fingertips, fully integrated with the software of Franka Emika Robot System, therefore plug-and-use.
The fingertips can easily be changed and adapted to the objects to be grasped, e.g. by using 3D-printed fingertips.

Robot Apps

Apps are pre-programmed, encapsulated robotic skills that can be combined together in Desk, to automate entire tasks in no time. Desk is the high-level workflow-based programming interface, optimal for rapid prototyping and easy-to-use applications.

Franka Control Interface

FCI is the ideal interface to explore low-level programming and control schemes, providing the current status of the robot and enabling its direct torque control, at 1 kHz. On top of the C++ interface libfranka, integration with the most popular ecosystems ROS and MATLAB & Simulink is available!

RIDE Development Environment

RIDE is the development interface for writing custom Desk Apps and connecting third-party hardware and external resources. The ideal tool for customizing and extending the system’s capabilities.

Resources and Community

Explore a digital space where you can access documentation, tutorials, tools and code. Join a community of experts and like-minded people to seek advice, exchange knowledge and show off your breakthroughs!

Get to know the Robot System´s interfaces
with our tutorials on GitHub.

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The right interface for each use case

Three access levels to the robot address different needs and skills.


The ease of use and minimal programming time makes Desk the most suitable interface for rapid prototyping, simple human robot interaction studies and demos.



It enables researchers to fully integrate the Franka Emika system into experimental setups, and exploit its integrated high performance controllers. It is also a great tool for teaching introductory robotics.



FCI bypasses the robot’s Control to let researchers run their own control algorithms in external real-time capable PCs at 1 kHz. It is the ideal interface to explore low-level planning and control schemes.

Workflow-based programming using Apps
Quick prototyping of experiments and demos
Execution of robot tasks
Development of customized Apps
Connection of third-party hardware
Connection of external resources
1 kHz torque, position and velocity control
1 kHz measurement of sensor signals and robot status
Access to kinematic and dynamic robot model
Integration with ROS and MATLAB & Simulink

The reference robotic platform for research, globally

Start collaborations across a multitude of fields and compare results with a continuously growing network of Franka Emika academic users.

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For learning and sharing – access resources and tools, seek advice, exchange knowledge and show off your breakthroughs.

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