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The robotic automation tool for everyone.

Franka Production 3 is the force sensitive robot platform made in Germany,
an industry certified system that ignites productivity for everyone who needs
industrial robotics automation.

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Human arm-like


Quick time
to profit

Two Franka Production 3 robots posing in front of elegant dark background

Human arm-like dexterity enables sensitive manipulation and force-enabled applications: equipped with more than a hundred sensors of various types, including in-house designed, industry-leading torque sensors in all 7 axes, our robot is unique in its ability to mimic human-like, dexterity-based skillsets.

Compliant behavior

precisely and reliably adapts to work
surfaces and environments

Adaptive assembly

engineered with human-like skillset

Robust processes

handle inconsistencies easily and use
force data for quality assurance

One person controls the robot by pressing the buttons on the Pilot

Designed to be intuitively easy,  setup is straightforward, hand-guiding is effortless, interaction is smooth. And with our powerfully intuitive interfaces, no prior knowledge of programming is necessary: everyone can become a robot expert, turning their process expertise into robotic automation.


from delivery to first usage in under 30 minutes

Apps, your building blocks

easiest, most efficient workflow-based programming

Franka App Store

easy access to Apps

A Franka Production 3 robot poses in front of an elegant dark background showing the Franka Hand.

Quick time to profit and productivity: Franka Production 3 has a low initial invest, achieved thanks to our high-volume, efficient and lean production in Germany. Low expertise is required. With Apps and the Store, existing talents can intuitively and quickly learn. The ease of installation and operation eliminates the need for a dedicated team of robot experts, resulting in significantly more flexibility in your production and less training for your staff. Additionally, App Workflows allow for prompt reconfiguration of tasks, therefore for easy and quick adaptation to the demands of dynamic factories.

Low initial invest

for low barriers to entry

Low robotics expertise required

for less training and more flexibility

Easily adaptable to demands

ideal for rapidly changing production environments


Payload 3 kg
Maximum reach 855 mm
Degrees of freedom 7
Force/Torque sensing torque sensor in all 7 axes
ISO 10218-1:2011 certified by TÜV SÜD PS
ISO 13849:2015 certified by TÜV SÜD RAIL
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  • Force sensitivity

    Ultra-sensitiveness to contact forces thanks to in-house designed, industry-leading torque sensors in all 7 axes. Their excellent resolution, accuracy and repeatability enable dynamic sensing of the environment and exceed the performance of most purpose-built force sensors. The robot can apply slight forces to perform tasks such as joining, inserting and screwing. Continuous and accurate fine tuning of forces is also a requirement for applications such as contour tracking, polishing and grinding.

    Ultra-sensitiveness to contact forces thanks to in-house designed, industry-leading torque sensors in all 7 axes.


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