Thomas Webb and CEO Simon Haddadin
Thomas Webb and CEO Simon Haddadin

Robotic Magic at Bits and Pretzels


Our lightweight robot Panda was a big helper participating at the main start-up festival called Bits and Pretzels here in Munich in various roles.

It was aiding the team give out agendas at the entrance, as well as handing out pretzels for a light snack at the Speakers Lounge.

Our robot Panda gives a visitor a pretzel

Most excitingly, however, we had an awesome presentation on the opening day on the Central stage with our CEO Simon Haddadin doing a co-presentation with a renowned magician and artist from London Thomas Webb. Tom threw on a “wow’ing” show, making Panda read attendants minds in real time!

CEO Simon Haddadin talks on stage at the Bits and Pretzels

Bits & Pretzels - the biggest 3 day start-up conference that attracts over 5000 guests held annually in Munich. It was previously attended by entrepreneur Richard Branson, actor Kevin Spacey, Andy Cunningham - former personal adviser to Steve Jobs, and many other remarkable people. The aim of the event with the motto “From Founders to Founders” is to emphasize Munich as an international start-up location and create more networking opportunities. The chain of talks, pitches and workshops ends with a huge celebration at the Oktoberfest with 300 tables reserved for participants to meet and connect.

Our robot Panda shows the agenda plan to the camera