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Franka Emika Robot at the Deutsches Museum


It was truly a historical day for Franka Emika. As the winner of the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology 2017 (Deutscher Zukunftspreis), we had the honor of opening a new module at the Deutsches Museum in Munich - the world's largest museum of science and technology that is visited by over 1.5 million people annually. One of our sensitive lightweight robots found its new home in the Gallery of the Museum for the next 10 Years. Every visitor will have a chance to program it in a matter of minutes and experience the technology and our company through several touchpoints. Visitors will see live how the robot is utilizing its sensitivity and adjusting to complete a complex task. See how the Franka Emika Robot is starting from today onwards at the Deutscher Zukunftspreis Exhibition at the Deutsches Museum.

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