Franka World

The online platform that interconnects Franka Emika's customers, partners, developers and... robots!
Franka World provides centralized and remote management of Franka Emika robots, and access to a growing portfolio of accredited software and hardware extensions.

Buy apps and hardware as easy like a pair of socks

Create your Franka World account, explore a multitude of automation solutions and single apps, and get connected to our partner network!

Receive your robot as a one-box-delivery, download your software, easily set up the application and run the task.

Remote manage your fleets of Franka Emika robots and keep them up to date by means of dedicated dashboards and comprehensive overviews.

App development, integration and support

By bringing Franka Emika's Robot into the cloud, all parties can mutually benefit from each other's interaction, and gain integrated access to the products and services provided by Franka Emika and a network of qualified partners.

Manage your robots remotely

Check and maintain your robots within a comprehensive overview. Manage them and enable endless scalability in matter of clicks.

Keep your robots up to date

Easily install updates and manage software.
Move licences between robots and share tasks across your fleet.

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