SR-NOCS, the first autonomous, contactless and safe corona test station in use


January 2021

During the odd times of the past year and the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was more important than ever for us to show social responsibility, and do our part in fighting the pandemic towards a solution that helps people: an autonomous, contactless and safe test station allows area-wide testing and initial examinations – all done with the help of our robot.

A medical assistant configures the corona test station SR-NOCS.

SR-NOCS testing stations will be installed in multiple locations across both Germany and abroad, and we are deeply grateful to media that helps us spread the word about such efforts.

Update! May 2021

It was a great pleasure hosting Wolfram Hatz - President of VBW - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. here at our office, and have him do a swab test on the spot.

Wolfram Hatz spricht
(c) Photo Credits - Wolfram Hatz spricht. Foto: Matthias Balk/dpa (Foto: dpa)

SR-NOCS test station received an official medical device confirmation, which means it can now be used in every hospital Europe-wide! The results of the clinical trial show not only that participants are more pleased with the procedure when it's performed by a robot, vs. a human, but also that the automated setup effectively protects both the patient and the clinical staff from infection risks.

Read more about the development of the test station, the challenges along the way, the test procedure itself and about how the future of the health sector could look like in our interview with Jürgen Klöckner from Handelsblatt.